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MR BASTARD Discography


1. Mr Bastard: BUGGER WITH BERNARD The Rowland Years 1992-1994 Cassette album, self-released, 1994

Demo Side (recorded by John Henry Calvinist in Woolloongabba October 1993):

1. King Of The Road

2. King Wally

3. Michael Jackson

4. I’m Not A Slut

5. Woman

6. Prisoner

7. Heinrich Eissler

8. Sid Barrett

Live Side (* Club Loser 19/12/93, **Party at Woolloongabba 19/02/94):

1. Woman*

2. Rohypnol 25*

3. Mary M*

4. King Of The Fuckin’ Road**

5. Son Of Sid**

6. Prisoner**

7. Ring Of Fire**

8. Senor Potatohead**

2. “King Wally” on Various Artists: FUCK THE WHITE RACE: THE MALIGNANT XMAS COLLECTION compilation CD, Malignant Records thru Siren, 1994 (Tumor 010)

Taken from the BUGGER WITH BERNARD cassette

3. “Mary M” (live, date/venue unknown) on Various Artists: COALITION AGAINST POLICE VIOLENCE compilation cassette, Holus Bolus anarchist collective, 1994

4. “Sex Bomb Baby” on Various Artists: NEVER MIND NIRVANA, HERE’S BOLLOX Cassette compilation, APITO, 1995 (APITO 020)

Flipper cover recorded live at the Melbourne Hotel, West End 11/03/95 with Cameron “Bollox” Borg on vocals

5. “Link Wray” (Tijuana Radio Mix) on Various Artists: THE DEAD SET Double cassette compilation, Shy Tone, 1997

Remix of the WEEL YOU WANK ME? track complete with record scratches

From John Henry Calvinist's liner notes for The Dead Set: ...And, of course, we can’t forget Mexico.

The border station era was inaugurated in 1930, when Dr JR Brinkley’s XER began operations in Villa Acuna, Mexico. Brinkley had formerly operated a station at Milford, Kansas, where he had pushed his goat-gland operation, designed to restore sexual potency to men.

The tragic explosion in Brinkley’s Tijuana Goat-Gland Extraction Planet, in the year following his relocation to Mexico was, of course, hushed-up - a process that was aided by the drift of mutagenic fumes away from the town itself, finally settling on the isolated village of El Bastardo. The five women in that ill-fated hamlet who were pregnant all bore prematurely... and their strange offspring grew stranger with the passage of time.

Rumoured to be the instigators of Los Angeles’ infamous Mexican ‘Zoot Suit Riots’ in 1943 (prior to their teenage years) when heckling of local white thugs prompted massive violence, they early showed signs of musical talent, only to be kicked out of every mariachi band they managed to infiltrate; mostly due to heavy drinking, fighting on the bandstand, and insulting everyone within earshot. This version of “Tijuana”, the Link Wray classic, is an unreleased acetate dating from their pachuco punk days of the early 60s, just pior to their flight to Australia after jumping bond from a series of armed robbery charges. And no, I don’t know where they live...

6. Mr Bastard: WEEL YOU WANK ME? clear vinyl LP, Shy Tone (SHY 08), 1998

Recorded September/October 1995 by “Ennox” (Bryce) on 4-track at Wynnum Manly Retard Disco (*recorded 19/06/95 - 4ZZZ Live To Air)


1. “Surfboard” (surf version of “Let’s Lynch The Landlord” by Dead Kennedys)

2. “Woman”

3. “Saint Jesus”

4. “Link Wray”

5. “Mary M.”

6. “Satellite” (Sex Pistols)

7. “I’m Not A Slut” (Surly Girls)

8. “Senor Potatohead”


1. “Michael Jackson”

2. “Heinrich Eissler”*

3. “Prisoner Theme”* (TV theme, listed here as “Preesoner”)

4. “New Song”

5. “King Of The Fuckin’ Road” (Roger Miller).

Guests: John Onya (guitar) on “Woman”, Richard Stanley (harmonica) on “King...”, Tina Sexymophone (sax) on “Link Wray”, Greg Hilleard (guitar) on “”Michael Jackson”

7. “King Of The Fuckin’ Road” on Various Artists: EGO EGO EGO - A TRIBUTE TO THE ONYAS, Dropkick Records (BEHIND 011), 2001

Taken from the WEEL YOU WANK ME? LP


1. Strutter: The Judge

2. Hairy Pie: My Bike Sucks (traditional)

3. Los Ass-Draggers: Professional Wanker

4. Royal Doulton: Rick Stanley

5. Sugar Shack: Thee Crusaders

6. Big Bongin' Baby: Islam Panty Rock

7. Stuntcar Drivers: Violent Town

8. New Bomb Turks: Good On Ya Baby (X)

9. Iron Sheiks: Tour Of Duty

10. Mr Bastard: King Of The Road (Roger Miller)

11. Mustang: Sydney Girl (live)

12. Richie Ramone's Gay Heterosexual Detonators: I Am A Fuckup

13. Hands Of Time: Filthy Rich

14. The Hymies: Going To See The Onyas

15. Cosmic Psychos: Custom Credit (live)

16. The Wrong 'Uns: No-Count Theme

17. The Crusaders: Deep Shyte (We Fore Art Thereinthe)

18. Los Perros: Motherfuckin' Motherfucker (Bored!)

19. Asteroid B-612: Fresh Rag (Iggy And The Stooges)

20. The Sailors: Jahoobies & Katangas

21. The Onyas: We Are The Onyas

8. “Woman” on Various Artists: DRUNKS, GUNS AND LIVESTOCK IN THE STREETS Live At The Turkeyneck Bar & Grill 1979-2001, Turkeyneck Records, 2001 (TN 02)

Taken from the BUGGER WITH BERNARD cassette

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