Friday, October 9, 2009

MR BASTARD Gigography Part 3 (1998-2000)

16/05/98 - Kentsch’s first birthday in New Farm (Gregor and I as a 2 piece!)

Both flyers by me (c) Andrew Leavold 1998

10/07/98 - “Weel You Wank Me?” LP launch, Railway Hotel, Woolloongabba w/Godnose, Schmuck, Standing 8 Counts, Cool Millions, JJ Speedball & The Jammers

Review from Rave magazine 22/07/98: ...And on to the point of it all, with Mr Bastard and special guests. And new songs, courtesy the globe-trotting Gregor. Let’s see, there was “Happy Groovy” - which was “Louie Louie” with a facelift and shoddy liposuction... and at least one other “Happy” thing. Then, there were the old favourites - two shots at “King Of The Fuckin’ Road”, as well as the greasily disreputable “Sex Bomb”, all with Garth on vocals. A handful of honking and squealing sax punkers, the bawling romanticism of the “Theme From Prisoner” (“secondhand old farts” indeed) and all the rest their old fans had come to hear.

My particular highlight came when Marcus handed over his guitar to John Onya and proceeded to leap about like a randy stick-insect during that ode to PC that is forever “Woman”. But Hell, the entire thing was great. When God made greaser-rock, the Sex Pistols, frat-rock, Motorhead, and just all-round cheesy stupidity with a big beat, he saved a little over (and a lot of the last) to make Mr Bastard. And, whilst the baggy-shorts funnypunk of Schmuck may have got the kids’ vote at the end, me and the other geriatrics, rockin’ home with our walking frames, were rockin’ to Mr Bastard, let me tell you... (John Henry Calvinist)

13/08/98 - The Chelsea, Fortitude Valley w/The Invisible Empire, Neil Armstrong Experience, Broken Hand

Flyer by me (c) Andrew Leavold 1998

31/10/98 - Treasury Hotel, City w/The Onyas (“Six” album launch), Big Bongin’Baby, The Busymen, Cool Millions, The Money, Strutter, The Hymies

21/11/98 - Beerstock 5 at The Railway Hotel Woolloongabba w/Godnose, The Onyas, Dream Poppies, Knaw, Post Life Disorder, Rufus Baton, Mouthguard, Bezza And The Bandits, Mainstay, Homebrand, Yoink, Ramonettes

Flyer by me (c) Andrew Leavold 1999

19/02/99 - The Capitol, Woolloongabba w/John Onya & The Wrong ‘Uns, Schmuck, The Hymies

13/03/99 - Orient Hotel, City w/New Bomb Turks, The Onyas, The Fred Band

Both flyers by me (c) Andrew Leavold 1999

28/08/99 - Railway Hotel, Woolloongabba w/The Fuck Fucks, Elvis & The Burger Kings, The Fred Band, The Hymies, Big Bongin’ Baby, Dregs Of Humanity, Ghetto Blaster, Gravel Samwidge, The Cool Millions, Super Friend Tuffs

Flyer by me (c) Andrew Leavold 2000

12/02/00 - Final ever show, Shamrock Hotel, Fortitude Valley w/Bloodsucking Freaks, Cool Millions, The Hymies, Invisible Empire (now Lost Domain), The Aampirellas. Four-piece lineup joined by Roland on third guitar (!!!), and Cathy Tabouli in cowgirl costume.

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